Cat Dancing to Watch Me Whip/Nae Nae

I am biased in thinking this video is cool, since It’s my cat. Enjoy, and you’re welcome in advance. Music: Watch Me (Whip / Nae Nae) (Spanglish Version)” by Silentó

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Watch 'Get Hard' trailer online.

Watch ‘Get Hard’ Trailer Online

Watch ‘Get Hard’ trailer online below. Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell co-star in the new movie, ‘Get Hard’. The movie is set to premiere on March 27, 2015. Will Ferrell plays James King, recently convicted….

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NBC ‘Blacklist’: Episode 9-29-2014 Recap

“Blacklist” 9-29-2014 Episode Recap: “Monarch Douglas Bank” The “Blacklist” episode began in Warsaw, Poland with a bank robbery. The robbers were dressed like sophisticated meth cookers. While they weren’t cooking meth, the bank robbers were….

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‘Ray Donovan’ Season 2 Finale Recap

‘Ray Donovan’ season 2 finale began with Ray released from jail. He was arrested at the end of the previous episode for attacking Mickey. Terry happens to be in jail for the robery he and….

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Roger Goodell: Not Resigning As NFL Commissioner

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has faced a lot of scrutiny for the abundance of recent NFL scandals. While he isn’t responsible for the occurrence of the domestic violence, it is the responsibility of the NFL….

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Jameis Winston sitting out against Clemson

Jameis Winston: Suspended For Entire Game vs. Clemson

Florida State Quarterback Jameis Winston will be suspended for the entire game vs Clemson. The Seminoles will face off against the Tigers  on Saturday September 20, 2014. FSU made the announcement that Winston will not play on….

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Devin Hester Sets NFL TD Return Record

Devin Hester once played for coach Lovie Smith, as a Chicago Bear. In fact it was Smith who drafted Hester onto the Chicago Bears in 2006. Now Devin Hester plays for the Atlanta Falcons. Coach….

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Ryan Reynolds will play deadpool

‘Deadpool’ Marvel Film Release date Feb. 12, 2016

Marvel Confirms There Will Be A ‘Deadpool’ Movie Marvel will release a ‘Deadpool’ movie, it’s finally been announced, officially. Like all X-Men movies, ‘Deadpool’ will be a 20th Century Fox Film. The release date is….

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Larry Ellison stepping down as Oracle CEO

Larry Ellison No Longer CEO of Oracle

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison Announced He Will Step Down Larry Ellison has announced he will step down from his role as CEO of Oracle. Larry Ellison founded Oracle in 1977, and is responsible for the….

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Tom Brady Shares His Resume Online

New England Patriots’ Tom Brady was a diamond in the rough. The former University of Michigan QB was the 199th pick in the 6th round of the 2000 NFL Draft. Brady has definitely earned his….

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jonathan dwyer twitter avatar

Jonathan Dwyer Arrested For Assault

Arizona running back Jonathan Dwyer was arrested on Wednesday September 17, 2014. Dwyer was arrested on charges of of aggravated assault. The arrest was a result of two incidents involving the Cardinal’s running back. The….

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Dwight Howard Driver’s License Suspended

Dwight Howard is an athletic machine, now without a driver’s license. He drives up and down the court without stopping. Apparently Howard does the same on the roadways. Unlike the NBA, the roadways require you….

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ultraviolet and covergirl #goodellmustgo

CoverGirl Ad To Combat Domestic Violence

@nflcommish are you ready for some protest!?! #GoodellMustGo #BoycottNFL — glick23 (@23Glick) September 13, 2014 UltraViolet and CoverGirl make an anti domestic campaign that immediately went viral. They are calling the campaign #GoodellMustGo. Which….

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'Zoolander 2' Will Happen Will Ferrell Confirms

‘Zoolander 2’ Will Happen Will Ferrell Confirms

Finally the making of ‘Zoolander 2’ has been confirmed. ‘Zoolander’ starring Ben Stiller, Will Ferrell, and Owen Wilson, is over ten years old. The 2001 film is still quoted on a daily basis. “Are you….

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Giancarlo Stanton hit by Mike Fiers

Giancarlo Stanton Hit In The Face By Pitch

Giancarlo Stanton Hit By Mike Fiers Florida Marlins Giancarlo Stanton was hit in the face against the Milwaukee Brewers. While the injuries Stanton suffered were the most severe of the game, both teams got exceptionally….

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Paul George Apologizes For Supporting Ray Rice

Indiana Pacer Paul George recently supported Baltimore Raven Ray Rice. Ray Rice was suspended in July of 2014 by the NFL. Rice knocked out a woman, and it was caught on video. It later came….

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Pictures of New Batmobile – ‘Batman v Superman’

Director Zack Snyder Posted pictures of the new Batmobile. It looks great, but will it outperform the whip Christian Bale drove in the ‘Dark Knight’? Snyder is directing the new ‘Batman v Superman’ movie. You….

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Katey Sagal Gets Walk of Fame Star

Katey  Sagal received a star on Hollywood’s “Walk of Fame”.  Katey Sagal is best known for playing Peg Bundy on the Fox series ‘Married With Children’, and Gemma on the FX series ‘Sons of Anarchy’…..

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Ryan Leaf 5 year prison sentence

Ryan Leaf Sentenced To Five Years In Prison

Ryan Leaf used to be an NFL Quarterback. Leaf spent his college football career at Washington State University. As a junior in college Leaf was a Heisman Trophy finalist. Ryan Leaf was a journeyman NFL….

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ducktales intro remade with real ducks

Now You Can Watch ‘DuckTales’ With Real Ducks

Disney is known to make things magical and wonderful. There used to be a wonderful and magical cartoon called ‘DuckTales’. It had a pretty cool theme song. ‘DuckTales’ being a Disney cartoon, naturally the intro….

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Chauncey Billups Retiring From NBA

Detroit Pistons Chauncey Billups announced that he will be retiring from the NBA. 37 year old shooting guard Billups, make it clear it’s time to retire. Billups currently plays shooting guard for the Detroit Pistons…..

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Childish Gambino Freestyle On Hot 97

Listen To Full Interview Here’s the full audio of Childish Gambino talking with Peter Rosenberg on his Hot 97 interview. Childish Gambino Freestyle Here is Childish Gambino free-styling for Peter Rosenberg on an interview that….

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Will Apple Pay Dominate NFC Payments

Apple loves making their devices work together. It creates an excellent technological ecosystem. As well as increasing sales and revenue. The release of the iPhone 6 an Apple Watch is not different. As you would….

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Apple Gives Away Latest U2 Album For Free

Apple’s release of the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and Apple Watch was an event not to be missed. Apple announced the latest album from U2–‘Songs of Innocence’ will be available free to download. All….

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Apple Watch Released At 9.9.14 Event

The long awaited Apple Watch was released at the tech company’s September 9, 2014 Flint Center Keynote. Consumers have been waiting for an Apple watch to be released. The Apple Watch allows for users to….

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Apple Releases iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Cupertino, Ca–Apple released the new iPhone today at their Wish We Could Say More event on September 9, 2014 at the Flint Center. The live streaming keeps crashing. Is one of their competitors doing this?….

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actrss allison williams to star in peter pan live

Allison Williams Will Play Peter Pan

Allison Williams will play ‘Peter Pan’ in the NBC special ‘Peter Pan Live’. The actress announced on “Today” during the Wednesday September 3, 2014 show. Allison who is the daughter of news anchor Brian Williams….

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ABC Series ‘Mistresses’ Season 2 Finale Recap

Spoiler Alert: This article contains a recap of the ABC television series ‘Mistresses’ Season 2 Finale. The ABC series ‘Mistresses’ season 2 finale aired Monday September 1, 2014. The season finale ended making you want….

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katy perry this is how we do remix

Katy Perry ‘This Is How We Do’ Remix

During her arrival at VMA the red carpet–Sunday August 24, 2014, Katy Perry told the world she was releasing a remix to her song ‘This Is How We Do’. Perry arrived at the Video Music….

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2014 Emmy Winners – Complete List

Breaking Bad dominated the 66th Emmy Awards. You probably want to read over the Emmy winners withouth reading through a bunch of hype. Well read no further, here are the 66th Emmy award categories, Nominees….

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2014 VMA Red Carpet Recap

The 2014 VMA red carpet event will go down in the books. The pre VMA event included performances by Fifth Harmony as well as Charlie XCX. Miley Cyrus seemed to be the crowd’s favorite. As….

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Nicki Minaj Dancer Bitten By A Snake

A dancer for female hip-hop/rap artist Nick Minaj bitten by a snake. The incident occurred during a recent rehearsal. Minaj was preparing for the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards. The snake was a six foot….

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Will Jennifer Lawrence Marry Chris Martin

Tongues are wagging with the news of Hollywood’s latest couple, and everyone is already wondering, will Jennifer Lawrence marry Chris Martin? It’s only been a few months since Ironman actress Gwyneth Paltrow announced on her….

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2014 VMAs: Shocking Surprises

With the 2014 VMAs happening Sunday August 24, 2014-one question is on everyone’s mind, Miley vs. Nicki Minaj? Who will top Miley Cyrus’ twerking performance with Robin Thicke at last years show? Word on the….

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Robin Williams 2014 Emmy Tribute

Robin Williams 2014 Emmy Tribute–Billy Crystal is expected to present the 2014 Emmy award tribute to Robin Williams. The Emmys premier Monday August 25, 2014. The 66th annual Emmy Awards occurs just weeks after the….

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Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey Divorce

  Rumors of a Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey divorce have been circulating a lot lately. Allegedly Cannon “Walked out on Mariah Carey”. Cannon stated his concerns for the emotional well-being of his wife of….

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AMC ‘Small Town Security’ Season 3

‘Small Town Security’ season 3 premiered Sunday May 6, 2014 – on AMC. AMC has countless hit television series. Small Town Security is one of the best you haven’t heard of. The show originally aired….

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‘Whoopi Goldberg Reality Show ‘

The new Whoopi Goldberg reality show is official. The announcement of the new reality series was made after 44 Blue Productions inked an exclusive deal with Whoopi’s production company – One Ho Productions. Whoopi Goldberg Reality Show –….

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NBA Star Kevin Durant Wins MVP

Oklahoma Thunder star Kevin Durant wins MVP — Kevin Durant is a star on and off the court. Kevin Durant wins MVP and also the scoring title this year. Fellow NBA superstar Lebron James stated….

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NBC ‘Blacklist’ Episode May 5 2014 Recap

NBC ‘Blacklist’ Episode Date May 5, 2014 NBC ‘Blacklist Recap’ — Last week’s episode of the ‘Blacklist’ ended with Lizzy telling Red she’s done with him. Agent Keen submits her resignation. She says she can’t….

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